The Exciting Sunday Morning


Mungkin setiap kota di Indonesia memiliki cara masing-masing untuk memperingati hari Minggu. Salah satunya kota Pelajar dan Budaya ini, Yogyakarta. Tidak hanya Jakarta tempat asalku yang punya car free day dan event Sunday Morning. Yogya punya Sunday Morning yang berlokasi di Kampus bekennya, kampus segala mahasiswa di Indonesia. Yang menyediakan tempat bersantai di Minggu pagi. Yap, Universitas Gadjah Mada. Dari pintu masuk dekat gedung vokasi Ekonomika dan Bisnis sampai melewati gerbang FBS UNY. Jalur yang cukup panjang untuk jogging sebenarnya. Mungkin kalau diilustrasikan, di awal jalur Sunday Morning dompetmu masih penuh, tapi begitu keluar yap, tahu sendirilah. Yeah dan ini adalah tulisan kedua tentang mini advanture-ku bersama Aghnia, kalian bisa follow Instagram @aghniarlf


Jual kerudung aja bisa jadi lucu gini

Namun pagi itu aku dan Aghnia bukan berniat jogging. Misi kami simpel. Ngabisin duit.

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Sushi Story, So Many Stories

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We really want to sightseeing that afternoon. And wait, let me introduce my friend. She is the most fantastic girl that i’ve ever known since i study in Yogyakarta. No, it wasn’t an exaggerating words. She is the badass girl who made me break the rules more easily. And that day, Tuesday gonna be the second time for me, I went to her motel near to our school, it only take a few minutes from the dorm. She has her own world in her motel. And in her home sweet home of course.

Call her Aghnia who known as rider girl. She goes to everywhere by herself, on her own motorcycle. She’s not the top rank in my class, but she is the one who make the clever persons can be her—how can i say?—obey her? Nope, yeah respect her well. I don’t know either all my classmate that really have good attitude as Jogja’s Students, or Agnia herself that really bossy. She is the boss. I call her boss. Because she likes to ask, giving command some kindo that. The theory of “You dont need to be the number one in your class to be success” is applicated well in my school.

So than, this blog for the next several my writting i’ll tell you about my days, my trip, my mini-advanture with her! Yeay!


After making many options, and asking another firend of mine about our destinations.

“How about the Bowling Cafe?

“No! It’s expensive,”

“Well, how about Kali Milk?”

“TOO FAR, DUDE.” She said too far because she’s the one who will ride the motorcycle, she will be my driver. Haha.

“Uhmm.. What if..,”

“The wifi is suck,”

Then, i already gave all the options of the place. Now let the big boss make the decission.

“I really wanna take you to Warung Up Normal, it’s an abnormal cafe for abnormal person. But, i’ve got so little money,”

“Then, let me bill on you,”

Of course she doesnt want it.

Finally we right away went to Sushi Story.


For me, who already stay as a student in a boarding school in Jogja City, i still rarely know about the hang out places. For me who used to be home-based child. Hang out on the roof top of house, or the balcony in front of the bedroom is amazing enough.

So, Sushi Story. A restaurant that providing Japanesse Food. Located at Affandi Street, Condongcatur, Depok, Sleman, Special Region of Yogyakarta.  This restaurand not only serve the japanesse food, but also the decoration of the interior, and the cashier, and the chef! It has so many franchise in Indonesia, but he most welknown is here, The Sushi Story Yogyakarta. The price is quite standard so i and Aghnia, we bargain our money to buy some sushi. Though in Sushi Story, not only provide the sushi, but all the japanese menus. Ramen, tobobki, etc.

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You can also choose to sit outdoor or indoor, indoor? I meant behind the glass wall. And near the table of the chef. Yes, in this restaurant the desk to order food, and the the desk for the chef making the food are different.

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Sakao Maki and Banzai Maki, yeay!


Finally, i orderd Sakao Maki and Agnia ordered Banzai Maki. Two kind of sushi that has the cheapest price i think.  Oh yes, for your information, if you interested to make it, Sakao Maki made from sushi rice, bonito tempura, chopped kyuri, tsukemono carrot and papaya, nori sushi and Amzupai Sauce.  We chose to sit outdoor, with the long table and long bench. And near the table there were Sakura Trees. I believed it wasn’t real tree. But it looked so lovely. With the bird cages hung on the ceiling.

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And the obscurely lamps. It felt nice altough we still brought the heavy stuff (my huge backpack with dirty clothes inside, haha). And one more thing, the chef are good looking. I dont mention that they handsome. But, haha, yes. They looked well. With the ellegant uniform of Sushi Story’s emplooyees. And elegant smile. Hah, really are you kidding me?

First, i felt so shame noticed my self admiring the chef, but, it turned out that Agnia kept focus on a man with the most good-looking face. I teased her, i said “Should i interview him?” I put my naughty smile, my hand full with the cellphone and her pocket camera. She only widely opened her eyes with the mumbling voice, “What the..?! Just, DONT!” She just moved her lips with low voice.

“Then just stand and admire him from this spot. I can just ask him to take a picture together. Then we post it into instagram,”

But, Aghnia’s expression made me sit again! XD.


Yeah, we went home when the first rain drop came down to earth. Lucky she prepared the raincoat. And almost all the momories of her pocket camera contained the silly and unimportant short videos about our ride. Haha.

Secret Garden-A Real Secret Resto


Menyusuri jalan Martadinata, menyusuri jembatan yang menyebrangi Kali Winongo, kami menikmati senja yang akan segera berakhir sambil berjalan kaki dari jalan Agus Salim sampai ke pasar Serangan. Menyebrangi perempatan Cavinton yang tampak glamour oleh cahaya dari lampu jalan dan tentunya, lampu hotel Cavinton.


Sebenarnya tujuan kami kali ini tidak related dengan hotel cavinton. Tapi kurasa tak ada salahnya membahas sedikit kemegahan hotel tersebut—yang disekitarnya banyak musisi jalanan yang baru beres-beres jelang magrib. Kamipun menyebrang ke belokan di depan pasar, dan melipir sepanajng kios yang telah tutup. Akhirnya tibalah kami di pintu masuk. Sebuah restoran dengan konsep party outdoor. Secret Garden. Sesuai namanya, restoran ini beruansa hijau selayaknya sebuah taman. Dan lokasinya sangat rahasia, siapa yang menyangka di balik deretan kios pasar, dan dalam jalanan gelap beraroma tak sedap ini ada tempat seindah Secret Garden. Memang cukup kontras kondisinya, antara gerobak dan warung-warung kelontong atau angkringan  sebrang pintu masuknya Secret Garden, dan nuansa di pintu masuk yang—waw, seolah memasuki dimensi lain!


Sebenarnya dari awal aku tahu ada restoran bernama Secret Garden di kawasan ini saja aku sudah terheran-heran. Seperti, hm, entahlah, salah penempatan. It’s not supposed to be here, got it? Karena itulah mungkin disebut SECRET.

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Dalam Senandung Beo



Sebenarnya aku berniat menuliskan intro yang lebih bagus. Akan tetapi sulit juga menemukan kata yang pas untuk menggambarkan betapa ramai dan riuh-rendahnya nyanyian maupun cicuwit burung di Pasar Satwa yang baru saja kami kunjungi. Lebih lengkapnya, baca laporan perjalanannya saja ya! Chek it out.



Pagi ini cuaca sangat mendung sehingga rasanya gravitasi ke kasur lebih kuat dari pada daya yang dikerahkan untuk bangkit. Ditambah hawa dingin dari Air Conditioner kamar 116 yang kami pesan untuk seminggu kedepan ini. Hm, agenda kami hari ini sebetulnya cukup menarik. Ya, kami akan berbuuru batik untuk si Umi yang memang seorang re-seller batik di kediaman kami di Bekasi sana.

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Paris Cafe-Romantic Bakery Shop



For you who like romantic or cutie european style , this cafe really suitable for you! Its only take a few minute from Tugu Jogja by car. And just take a minute by walking from Tentrem Hotel, right at the A.M Sangaji street.


While choosing the menus

This is the specific location address: Jl. A. Moh. Sangaji No.68 B, Cokrodiningratan, Jetis, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55233. Maybe you need to copy paste it! XD


By accentuating the paris atmosphere and minimalist interiors this Paris Cafe is actually a bakery cake and pastry shop that sells European breads. Besides, Paris Cafe also provides hot drinks and a variety of other baverage. The Cafe consists of two floors. The first floor is only contain of the bakery shop and at the lower floor terrace there are a few chairs and a sofa with letter-U.

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Imaji Kosong


Sudah berapa lembar

Puisi yang kubuat

Sudah berapa liter tinta

yang kutoreh

Sudah berapa hela

napas yang kuhembus

Setiap kali membaca ulang


Saat penat merayap

Merengkuh tubuh ringkih ini

Saat bosan menyergap

Benakku yang terperangkap ini

Saat cahayanya hilang

ditelan, di batas garis horizon


Pena di tangan kanan

Buku mungil di pangkuan

Dendang lagu di kepala

Menyapa sukma merintih

Minta dirindu


Sepertinya, ia, iya

Berharap untuk dirindu


Dan kau memaksa

Ku, paham akan jarak


tau makna sepi

Hargai rasa sunyi

Pencipta ruang, pembatas

seperti tengahnya pagi dan sore


Umpama Jogja dan Bali


Kau cipta ruang

Untuk kau bebas


Boleh egois–mereguk rindu memuakkan

Tapi, kau pilih cara itu

Ya, sudah..


Dan bumi tetap berada

pada porosnya

Aku masih di Jogja

Tak ada yang berubah.

Meski langit lebih muram.

Dan tatkala malam

lebih dingin


Kau pergi

membuatku menemukanmu

di sepanjang Malioboro

Di bangku kosong transjogja

Di kerumunan wisatawan

serta pedagang

Pun pada noda teko angkringan

Mataku hanya mencari sosokmu

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Kamu Duduk


Kamu duduk


5 senti dariku

Rambut habis dicukur

Pangkas habis kanan-kiri

tebal di tengah

Mengalahkan pesona Adipati Dolken

Kamu duduk


Kakimu menjuntai bak hordeng

menyapu karpet


Dalam genggamanmu

Kamu sodorkan sebotol, ah, dua.

Aku pilih satu

Kamu tempelkan sebotol

Nutriboost dingin (di pipiku)

yang dinginnya masih terasa

Hingga Kini