Paris Cafe-Romantic Bakery Shop



For you who like romantic or cutie european style , this cafe really suitable for you! Its only take a few minute from Tugu Jogja by car. And just take a minute by walking from Tentrem Hotel, right at the A.M Sangaji street.


While choosing the menus

This is the specific location address: Jl. A. Moh. Sangaji No.68 B, Cokrodiningratan, Jetis, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55233. Maybe you need to copy paste it! XD


By accentuating the paris atmosphere and minimalist interiors this Paris Cafe is actually a bakery cake and pastry shop that sells European breads. Besides, Paris Cafe also provides hot drinks and a variety of other baverage. The Cafe consists of two floors. The first floor is only contain of the bakery shop and at the lower floor terrace there are a few chairs and a sofa with letter-U.

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Life is Too Short for Bad Coffees


I and my family took around Jogja, (For Your Information now I’m already officially being a student in Yogyakarta) and our first place to hang out was a small coffee cafe in the area 0 Km close to my dorm. On the side of the road there was a traffic signs, but what unique from the signs was, it was a “One Stop Coffee” not stop or verboden. The cafe was transparent at all because the walls are made of fiber glass with full decoration of coffee beans stickers and café’s logo. In front, there was a cafe small terrace also, there was a blackboard stood up, and many coffee-quotes that written on it by colorfully chalks.

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Yogyakarta Cultural Festival

The Gate

The Gate

I just went to cultural festival of Jogjakarta at Taman Sari. I was soo excited. this festival always takes place every year. yep you must know Yogya city, huh? student and art city. Jogja is famous by the mural and the musician street. until there is a  term  that Jogja need more wall. Too many street artist. and the murals aren’t carelessly graffiti.


So this is it! FKY 26 Dodolan. Dodolan in english means selling/store and many more kindo that. yap this festival has been start from 20 August and is going to continue till 9 September. at Ngasem Street area. the banners were lined along the side walk. and this is one of the most cool banner, a puppet playing electric guitar. so cool!

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Indonesia Coffee House


Rumah Kopi Nusantara-TMII

Rumah Kopi Nusantara-TMII

House of Archipelago’s Coffe, that’s what written on the front wall of that building. The text formed from letter blocks and the letter’s colored by silver. However the exterior design doesn’t look convincing, because it more look like a military camp that has a rigid box shape, with green military paint. Continue reading

Archipelago’s Flora-Fauna EXPO


My Mom with the Cockatoo

Oke, after we took a shelter in At-Tin Mosque for long enough, right-away when the rain cooled down, we continued our vacation. This is it My Friends! Welcome to Indonesia Miniature Park!!

Indonesia Mini Park actually, is a concept of Indonesia Country which is narrowed. The main object of this park is the traditional houses-made that come from all of tribes in Indonesia.