Paris Cafe-Romantic Bakery Shop



For you who like romantic or cutie european style , this cafe really suitable for you! Its only take a few minute from Tugu Jogja by car. And just take a minute by walking from Tentrem Hotel, right at the A.M Sangaji street.


While choosing the menus

This is the specific location address: Jl. A. Moh. Sangaji No.68 B, Cokrodiningratan, Jetis, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55233. Maybe you need to copy paste it! XD


By accentuating the paris atmosphere and minimalist interiors this Paris Cafe is actually a bakery cake and pastry shop that sells European breads. Besides, Paris Cafe also provides hot drinks and a variety of other baverage. The Cafe consists of two floors. The first floor is only contain of the bakery shop and at the lower floor terrace there are a few chairs and a sofa with letter-U.

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The Real Reportation! Magangers Batch 8 Day Four

Hari ini murni hanya wawancara dan presentasi dengan narasumber yang telah kami kontak dihari sebelumnya. Pukul sembilan kami berkumpul di ruang rapat kantor Redaksi Kompas. Baiklah, pagi ini kami mendapat sarapan kedua. Aku memutuskan mem buat kopi kali ini. Sambil mecoreti buku sketsaku mencoba merancang konsep untuk logo Koran kelompokku. Semalam terjadi obrolan panjang di grup karena kami memang telah memutuskan melakukan survey kecil-kecilan untuk konten koran kami. Akan ada prosentase berapa banyak konsumen yang senang melakukan pembelian melalui media online.


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COKELAT, A Pieces of Yogyakarta Taste in Chocolate Menus

The Volcano Cake!

The Volcano Cake!

I was just so excited today! You know what? Since 3 weeks ago we planned—me and Yasmin—about the place that we will take for hang out but unfortunately we never had a chance. And today, that chance is came! Im so glad since I really obsessed to invite Yasmin visited “Cokelat”.

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Life is Too Short for Bad Coffees


I and my family took around Jogja, (For Your Information now I’m already officially being a student in Yogyakarta) and our first place to hang out was a small coffee cafe in the area 0 Km close to my dorm. On the side of the road there was a traffic signs, but what unique from the signs was, it was a “One Stop Coffee” not stop or verboden. The cafe was transparent at all because the walls are made of fiber glass with full decoration of coffee beans stickers and café’s logo. In front, there was a cafe small terrace also, there was a blackboard stood up, and many coffee-quotes that written on it by colorfully chalks.

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