Paris Cafe-Romantic Bakery Shop



For you who like romantic or cutie european style , this cafe really suitable for you! Its only take a few minute from Tugu Jogja by car. And just take a minute by walking from Tentrem Hotel, right at the A.M Sangaji street.


While choosing the menus

This is the specific location address: Jl. A. Moh. Sangaji No.68 B, Cokrodiningratan, Jetis, Kota Yogyakarta, Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta 55233. Maybe you need to copy paste it! XD


By accentuating the paris atmosphere and minimalist interiors this Paris Cafe is actually a bakery cake and pastry shop that sells European breads. Besides, Paris Cafe also provides hot drinks and a variety of other baverage. The Cafe consists of two floors. The first floor is only contain of the bakery shop and at the lower floor terrace there are a few chairs and a sofa with letter-U.


Who prefers to outdoor may also hang out on the second floor balcony. But for the teenagers who want to play a laptop, or just making home work or just wanna to charge their cell phone and use the wifi, there is also a spot at the table-bar, along the table there are many stop-contact which has match color with the wall and swivel chair (pink) . There was also a computer unit, who dont bring a laptop may use that.


See that window?

All the windows in Paris Cafe attached by a transparent sticker that give a foged window effect. It looked like a hand-writing by a finger on the wet window. But the fact it was just a sticker. You might feel like always in shades of gray and rain if you hang-out here.


My family chose family corner. The Design of sofa and desk suitable for a family gathering. In one corner on the second floor we spend the evening with a glass of ice vanilla latte, caramel ice, hot caramel, coffee latte, ice paris chocolate, and a cup of americano.


Ice chocolate Paris




In another corner there was a shelf of My Magz magazine, it can be a good spot for those who want to fill their leisure time while waiting for the foods come, by read this cool magazine.

Unfortunately the soundtrack or songs that are set in the cafe does not quite fit with the interior style which is classy. The classic design is not available with the song such as LMFAO Shuffling songs, right? At least, well, they should download old song of French speak. A love song or a rather mellow and soft tone. And another thing, the mushola is too minimalist to not mention cramped. I hope next time, there will be a special prayer house renovation. Haha, aminnnn.


My Family met up with my parent’s old friend, Aunt Ika who sit next to my mom.

Luckily, European bread that we ordered tasted very amazing! There are Mexican almonds, paris coffee bread, choco cheese, oreo chocolate, Chocolate Banana Bread. All price ranges from 6500-7500 rupiah. I think the Prices are relatively cheap is not it?


Me with those breads

Hmm I think that’s all the jogja travel report for now! Don’t forget to hang out at the Paris Cafe, guys!


There will be many more of my travel report during my vacation in Jogja!



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