COKELAT, A Pieces of Yogyakarta Taste in Chocolate Menus

The Volcano Cake!

The Volcano Cake!

I was just so excited today! You know what? Since 3 weeks ago we planned—me and Yasmin—about the place that we will take for hang out but unfortunately we never had a chance. And today, that chance is came! Im so glad since I really obsessed to invite Yasmin visited “Cokelat”.


Cokelat is a little café with a classic interior, this place just pretty cozy for break the stress away. All the menyu here—not all, literally—are made from classy chocolate. But besides, there are another delicious desserts to try.

It has classic design, from the outside you’ll get really interested, especially at night from the front room there is a waterfall that wet the glass. Just like other café the wall made by fiber glass. Inside you’ll get very dim room. I knew that the price is not friendly. So that’s why I invited Yasmin here. So we could shared any different menus together.

Capit hold the menu

Capit hold the menu

We ordered French fries, Ice cream pancake with a sprinkle of oreo, volcano cake—wich is actually looks like volcano, because when you sliced this cake, the melted chocolate will out so fancy, but most of all was the chocolate Belgian. You’ll get a very high test European beverage. The chocolate was really thick, and what surprised us was there were two spoon. One for the real spoon, and the other one was made by chocolate. Very delicious!

the chocolate belgian bavarage

the chocolate belgian bavarage

When you put the chocolate-spoon into the cup, the flavor getting more special.
And a glass of water, I really mind if we given a glass of water because it only a tears of water. The glass was just so little so, me and Yasmin should shared this water with volume, yes suck. But then we bought tea Ice outside the café.


We talked about everything while the songs were accompany us. We talked about future—I mean our destination of life (wow, very deep, huh?), our past, our faves songs, and I couldn’t mention it one by one. Too much spent the paper, hehe

COKELAT from outside

COKELAT from outside

We chit-chatted until 3 pm—from 1 pm—then we decide to go home because waited the bus needed a long time while we should arrived in dorm before 6 pm.

The wallpaper!

The wallpaper!

Literally it was just so simple trip, but I don’t know why, I was really excited. Because we—as the very poor student—visited that café full of bunch of chocolate menus—since both of us are chocolate hardcore fans—made our moods boosted.

Cheers, have a nice Friday chocolate lovers:)

Cahya Fithri-Yasmin (classmate in Jogja’s School)


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