Affandi, the Maestro of Indonesia Arts

Buddha statue inside the stupa

“Banyak bekerja supaya panjang umur: Got lot of work got long live”

-Affandi, The Maestro of Indonesian Art


Yesterday i and Nindya went to Affandi Museum. We road a transjogja by only 3000 rupiahs. We leave from busway station cross of PKU hospital. Then we transit once near to Mirota Kampus. We didnt have to pay more! Cool, it was so cheap price. I worried about the bus route because i felt like the place was so far. I was a little it worried.

Unfortunetly, the bus route turned around a big bus terminal. It took an hour and more. Whereas if it didnt turned around it will take less than an hour. So we dropped by at the busway station near to UIN. We only took a walk a while before we arrived at the gate of Affandi Museum. The price of ticket student was 10.000. luckly i brought my id card. But so pity, with that price we cant got any souvenir or softdrink.


We took a photo in front of the Affandi Sculpture, the sculpture showed Affandi with many hands. There were many masks with the shape of Affandi’s face. The big sculpture standed in front of the “Loteng Cafe” wooden mark. Cafe, yes, it’s a cafe! But actually in the past years this building was Affandis house.

From that we rightaway went to second gallery. In the entrance door there was SAM_2072and Affandi sculpture, the position was sitting while smoking. At the door we were welcomed by a lady. In the gallery there was an Affandi’s face with many ekspression. In the form of sculpture. Beside of it there was a sculpture of Komodo’s head and a hand of human touch it. The painting that attached on the wall were only black ink.


one of Affandi’s Surrealism Painting

There was a sketch that describes an atmosphere of cafe’ in europe. And so many random painting actually. Affandi didnt draw from basic shape such as circle. Triangle, or square. He sprayed the ink from the tube. And the themes of the paintings more close to describing of social living and low society.


From the second gallery we continued to first gallery. At the first gallery, there were so many portrait Affandi’s face painting. But the most interesting from all of that was a bright yellow colt galant car was made by Affandi himself.

the colt gallant car

the colt gallant car

There was one of painting that very bravely shows a pornography.

I was a little shock of it beside it there was an explanation of the painting: “Maryati willing satisfied her husband to paint but with one requisite that her face forbid to show off.”

Hiy.. enough for me to know those artist already crazy and eccentric.


Nah, this one is a painting of Affandis’s mom which was walking into her room with sadly face. She sad cause of hearing a news that Affandi was going to continue studying abroad in India.

SAM_2092>This one is a portrait of Affandi when he carried his grandchild. Again and again with nake body.

Affandi's Charters

Affandi’s Charters

>affandi’s charrter, a reward special from the president for him as an artist. And there was an old t-shirt which was wore by him during the painting. It seems, this eccentric artist was always painting with over paint. The paint were slopped to his pants and t-shirt.


>portrait of old ladies which were he painted.


>A painting of Rhome City.
We continued to Gajah Wong Studio. There were 2 studios. The first place was a place for Affandi’s granchild save his creations.


Just imagine if his grandchild has already as old as that. How old is he if he still alive now?


>a portrait of Gajah Mada, or Gatot Koco? Hmm.. it seemed that not only Affandi’s Granchild painting that collected here. Besides, there were his student’s painting too


>this book! At first i thought it was only photos album. But unpredictably it was catalouge book! Crazy! The most expensive painting here reached till 10 billions rupiah! So many photograph of Didi (Affandis granchild) while he painting in spectacular places. Such as London bridge, austria, etc.

Here in second studio. A painting course place special for children. So many children trained to paint Affandi’s face. Does’nt it look cool? Yeah.. Next, we went to.. Oups. It’s secret. There still one gallery i haven’t visit yet. And that is the best part of this museum. The most cool arcitecure among all the gallery. But i’m going to continue it in my next post. So be ready for it. And im going to discuss about who is Affandi in real life. How was Affandi behave with his family? Why Affandi could have such a genius talent like that?! I keep it for my next post 😀

a painting courses place

a painting courses place


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