Yogyakarta Cultural Festival

The Gate

The Gate

I just went to cultural festival of Jogjakarta at Taman Sari. I was soo excited. this festival always takes place every year. yep you must know Yogya city, huh? student and art city. Jogja is famous by the mural and the musician street. until there is a  term  that Jogja need more wall. Too many street artist. and the murals aren’t carelessly graffiti.


So this is it! FKY 26 Dodolan. Dodolan in english means selling/store and many more kindo that. yap this festival has been start from 20 August and is going to continue till 9 September. at Ngasem Street area. the banners were lined along the side walk. and this is one of the most cool banner, a puppet playing electric guitar. so cool!


me at the gatetake a photo in front of the Gate, made from long bamboos. on the wall there were farmer’s hats that attached on it. the wall are covered with woven bamboo.

SAM_1981the first booth we visited was Vintage accessories. wow! look at that beauty shoes. that painted shoes are very girly.

SAM_1982postcard college art print. the retro pic with European-classic style. there was Queen pic as well as Freddie Mercury on several postcard. 

The postcardBrooch made from a bottle cap

SAM_1989My friend with Marry Monroe


SAM_1987And that is certainly a lot of t-shirts distro. bags painting a very vintage doodle. ranging from 50,000 rupiah to 135 thousand, the most expensive. The themes also diverse. Let me mention: music, fantasy, until the vase is just one object. On the left you can see cute key chains with doodle character.


There were many unique comic with their own draw style. I dunno whats the name SAM_1998It was one of the booths of t-shirts. behind us is the image of puppet characters. hmm like a barongsai huh?

SAM_2000Wow! The master in action

SAM_2005This .. handy craft made from shocks. Nay Tadabra is the name of store. This cute dolls are all made from socks! This wallet with character doodle art. You can get it with15,000 rupiah only.

SAM_2014This is the retro handbag

SAM_2018furthermore-> my most favorite. INDEPENDENT INDONESIAN COFFEE. As a coffee lover. without a doubt I instantly bought the coffee filters.

SAM_2022The price is 6000 rupiah, first I want to buy the cheaper. brewed coffee, there is still waste. and i cant stand with it.

SAM_2028i bought Java Mocha coffee. Most of Java’s coffee bean SAM_2025are robusta type.





Hmm.., so pity,i really wanna try the best type of coffee, Arabica. At this booth there were complete coffee beans. There were Bali Kintamani (i’ve  tried it. Read my previous post), Gayo Aceh, Sidikalang, Java Mocha, Toraja.

There is one more unique.SAM_2036

There was a booth where it sells the old staSAM_2041mps, old tapes, old love letters. Old comic. whoaaa!! Quickly comes and participates in this art event. Before the festival closes.

This one of the socks painting with Water Castle theme. Most expensive T-shirt, the price is 350,000 rupiahs!



5 thoughts on “Yogyakarta Cultural Festival

  1. fithricahya says:

    how could you so fluently writing in english? just like you dont need dictionary anymore. oh i really hope, i can write as well as you

    • yasminshabrina says:

      ahh dont make me fly capit. You are the best in your own style. Just dont too much thinking somthing like “that” wkwk

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