Let’s Try Local Foods!::Java Noodles


Still warm.. from the frying pan

Still warm.. from the frying pan

I really like noodles. Especially spaghetty. This Italian noodles is very popular in many countries. And very loved by us. But is there any among us who know Java Noodles? I doubt if there is a friend or my classmate who knows this food. :/ Yeah that’s must be because we are used to eating Fast Food like Hamburger, Intant Noodles, Fried Chicken, French Fries.. and many other. So now i’m going to share to you guys, What is Java Noodles. What make it different, and How to Make It!


Yep, half asleep and without took shower we drove by car to Taman Mini Indonesia Indah. I never get tired of this place although this may have been to dozens of time in my life. Sunday morning has become our habit to spend quality time with family. But, to be honest this is the first time in my life to go to TMII before 07:00 am. Because what we seek is free admission every Sunday morning before 07:00. Of course the car we drove raced of people who were sitting along the sidewalk to the door of the TMII. They have been sweating and I’m sure, we start the day lately than them, and of course lost power

We are not a jogging fanatic family, more like a leisurely walking around the housing or in the village where we live. And usually always quite short time. Straight home, take a bath, or watching TV and then sleep again. That’s why getting so early to go to TMII is very special to us.

Once there, our car parking at the edge of the lake. Then we warmed up while inhaling moist air. The scenery is very cool. Still foggy. So pity, 😦 the coffee shop is not open yet. Whereas early morning like this was so suitable to drink delicious coffee. The scenery was very support, small benches on the side of the lake. And the atmosphere was quiet calm because of there weren’t many visitors yet.

The fogly lake

The fogly lake

But suddenly that’s all beautiful situation was disrupted by the noise of a grup of junior high school children hanging around near us. Most of them wore sports uniforms. The girls laughed flirty while they staring at a cellphone. I don’t know what they laughed at. And I really don’t care. I just annoyed by their noisy sounds.

Then they took a photo-self-shot by the front camera and instead of photographing the beauty of the lake. Strange. No matter where go they still bussy with their gadget. `

Eventually we moved on even though it was not because of them we moved. But because Fatan (my big brother) persuaded us to try pedaling a rickshaw. Instead of public transport tricycles, looks like odong-odong. There are two kinds of rickshaws, one kind for two passengers, the others fit accommodate five passengers. And yep, that’s the passengers who had to ride the pedicab by their-self.

Unfortunately once we arrived at the park around the Replica of MoNas (National Monument of Jakarta), the pedicab rental place is not open yet. Yep! This is where I watched the attractive show and colorful by the costumes of the dancers who danced traditional dance from various tribes in Indonesia. Check my reportation there: Indonesian Cultural Festival.

The teatre of Keong Mas as the background of photograph

The teatre of Keong Mas as the background of photograph

After touring briefly at front yard of Theater of Keong Mas. Apparently we were hungry. At first we were looking for CFCs (California Fried Chickens). But it seems CFCs and the kindo fast food restaurants are still closed. Inevitably we had breakfast at the booth near the Sasana Kriya Building.

Let’s see what the menu …

I wasn’t really interested. Not me who was hungry, but my brother. Because I was not really hungry so I was not so excited to hear Mom ordering food.

The menu wasn’t many so it was enough to just mentioned verbally by the waitress.

But there was one menu which was raised up my appetite. “What’s that? ‘I was amazed to see a bowl of noodles that brought by the waitress. Looks like boiled noodles. But it was not the usual instant noodles boiled.

“It called Java Noodles, ”


Mie Jawa-Warung Tenda TMII

I often heard Aceh Noodles and how to cook on a griddle pan fry big as fried rice. Java noodles has a thick noodle soup made from chicken broth and in my opinion is more delicious than boiled instant noodle with curry sauce. With the Rawit chilly chopped on the top of it. And the mostly there were shredded cabbage in large quantities, as well as slices of chicken meat. Is it sounds like Chicken Noodles (Mie Ayam), huh? But how to cook is very different.

The Noodles that used is egg noodles. and the noodles was stir-fry together with the seasoning the before placed in a bowl. Here if you want to have a practice making Java Noodles.

You need,

  • 1 tablespoon of Sweet soy sauce
  • Green Rawit Chili
  • 4 cloves Garlic
  • 1 teaspoon of Pepper
  • 2 pecan grain (Kemiri)
  • 1 tablespoon of Ebi (somekind of shrimp)
  • Salt to taste
  • green cabbage,
  • celery,
  • oyster sauce,
  • chicken broth
  • chives..

How to make

  1. Puree garlic, pepper, Kemiri , salt and dried shrimp soaked. Rinse
  2. Stir-fry the onion until fragrant, put the spices, stir-fry until cooked. Enter peppers and tomatoes, fry it until slightly wilted.
  3. Add oyster sauce and soy sauce. add the chicken broth. Cook until the water boils. Enter the cock that has been boiled and diced. then enter the yellow noodles.
  4. Taste it a little, if less steady bouillon powder can be added. Make sure it feels just right. Last enter mustard, chives and celery. Do not take too long to stir-fry the vegetables so that vitamins are not lost. turn off the heat serve with fried onions. : D

Well maybe that’s all our delicious breakfast in the morning at TMII. We will continue to Coffee Houses of Archipelago. The Indonesian coffee. In my next post, you will be served a variety of coffee from all over Indonesia. And my own first experience making a cappuccino with the slang Barista of the coffee house. That’s all…


3 thoughts on “Let’s Try Local Foods!::Java Noodles

  1. Does this recipe have nutmeg? You didn’t mention that in the ingredients list. This seems like yakisoba with a different flavoring. I do like nutmeg, so it sounds interesting… Thanks!

    • yasminshabrina says:

      Im so sorry for my bad english :(. I tried to transalte the ingredients from Indonesian FoodBlogger No it doesn’t have nutmeg. and yes it really looks like yakisoba! 🙂 I forgot to include green cabbage, celery, oyster sauce, chicken broth and chives.. im gonna edit it. if im not wrong, is it yakisoba the japanese noodles? i remembered i saw it from culinary news..

      Thx for visiting

    • yasminshabrina says:

      i think that the nutmeg in google transalte is “Pala” in Indonesia. But what i translated was “Kemiri” and then it was appeared “Nutmeg”. i confused between Pecan (Kemiri) and Nutmeg (Pala)..<:D

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