Indonesia Cultural Festival

Harvest Ceremonial-Tradition from West Java. Look at the large farmer's hat and the chocolate rice that hanged on it.

Harvest Ceremonial-Tradition from West Java. Look at the large farmer’s hat and the chocolate rice that hanged on it.

Jelangkung Haunted Puppet Game, Tor-tor Dance, War Dance, The Tattoos of Dayak Tribe, Stone Jumping-The Famous Tradition of Nias and many more sucha unique and mystical things, all of things are contain art! Oh, my god! Are those thing come from Indonesia?! Only one sentence I can say::I love Indonesia!. XD


Got out from Tourism Village.

Faintly we heard the sounds of tambour and another traditional music’s instrument. My instinct said that it was sounds of the cultural parade. We then followed the origin of sound till our car arrived at the miniature of Monas. Not real monas because the real monas is located at Central Jakarta. After we parked the car, with the sensation felt like I was a reporter, I right away jumped out from car. With full speed I ran away leaved my family behind, a little gasped of breath because I must carried my camera for hours, I kept ran to the central of crowded.


I jumped above the gutter, ran up the hill.. and.. damn! This isn’t the entrance gate. I blocked by the audiences who stood up along the fence. Owh well.., “I won’t be able to get good photos with the fence restricted my movement,” I grumbled. Okay, I saw the people who brought modern camera (more than mine) and they stood around the circle of stage’s floors—a place for the show goes on. And there wasn’t any fence.
Hmm but, where did they come in from?

It seemed I must search for other way to get there. And, I must walk circle and get in through the main gate. So finally I did it. I arrived and joined between the crowed of other audiences.


The row of men looked like clay-man, walked into the stage area. Look how they walked! They made a stance position. Cool, is that the PARADE THAT I’VE BEEN WAITING FOR?!

AND IT JUST BEGAN! What I was thinking about?! I made my own assumption that the parade has done. BUT I WAS WRONG ALL ALONG. Perhaps, the people who wore costumes and used make up’s face who I saw before—stood under the pavilion just for having shelter—were the dancer who waiting the rain stop. YES! THE RAIN!. The rain made them delayed all of the show.

And.. OH MY GOODNESS! Look at the mud-man, all of their body smeared of mud that has dried. From their hairs until their finger’s foot. And they were half-naked. Only wore short pant. And they walked as they carried away a…. what was that!?

Para penari, parade dari provinsi Jawa Barat::The Dancer/The Mud-man, parade from West Java

Para penari, parade dari provinsi Jawa Barat::The Dancer/The Mud-man, parade from West Java

Adorable! Bamboo stick as the framework of the body, broom stick as the hair, Irik (traditional stuff from java, used to collect fish or drain vagetables)as the head, and the big one as the stomach, long wood stick as hand, rice leaves that has dried as the hair too. All of those stuff arranged to make a shape of.. you know what?!


Jelangkung in small version

Jelangkung in small version

They carried it like carried an idol. What is Jelangkung anyway? Yeah, it is an embodiment of devil which is—by our people realized to a shape of a doll or more properly called puppet. Jelangkung is one of the game from Indonesia that actually forbidden to do. Jelangkung game is a wooden puppet who loaded by supernatural power which they call or invite spirit of ghost to come.

Jelangkung game is a legacy our forefathers because its supernatural power. Involving the departed spirit, the confusion in the world find their own way that is indeed, in the dark, suddenly came by a call to gather with people who call his name. This game is usually done by three or four people who hold the puppet jelangkung, who read the mantra, and people who prepare stationery, like pen and paper.

This game is done in the most haunted places in the night, usually between of 10 pm until midnight. Jelangkung game is very dangerous for people and does not understand the supernatural or not expert with kind of magic, because usually people who play this game will be affected from this game. And usually people who play jelangkung will possessed by the ghost, even up will haunted by the ghost.

Because people have called from the afterlife, then they ask for responsibility from them. Many media used in the Jelangkung game certainly be accompanied call the spirit, like Puppet or a peace of paper. If the spirit of the holy people are called, have been called by other players (because of the spirit is very popular ).

Jelangkung, Haunted Puppet from Indonesia

Jelangkung, Haunted Puppet from Indonesia

Then certainly there will be a pause or stop the game until the spirit will come again to continue the game or communication will be resumed. This games usually tend to ask questions is “yes” or “no”.

The mantra like this:

Come Jelangkung

Come Jelangkung

Where is your Home?

Come Univited

Go home Undelivered

Come Jelangkung

Come Jelangkung

Upacara Panen dari Jawa Barat:: Harvest Ceremony from West Java

Upacara Panen dari Jawa Barat:: Harvest Ceremony from West Java

Well you don’t need to worry anything, however there were two of jelangkung carried around on the stage. Because there was no spell that mentioned by the dancer. But, still, I can felt the mystic atmosphere at that central of crowded. Actually the meaning of the Parade is to show harvest ceremony. Look at that things looks like BIG FRAMEWORK OF UMBRELLA, huh? Yeah if you can see the detail there was much of chocolate rice plants hanged on the umbrella. It’s color has changed because it has dried.

While the dancer walked out from the stage, another parade from North Sumatera walked in. I pursued the convoy of clay-men who pulled a big sound system with a giant caping (a bamboo hat for the farmer). I don’t wanna miss this. Then I took a photo of it.


The Cultural Parade from North Sumatera

The Cultural Parade from North Sumatera

now.. cultural parade from North Sumatera. I almost screamed because of the bright colored costumes. And hell yeah! Look at the fabric that covered those women’s head, it’s called Suri-suri. And they wore Ulos (name for traditional clothes for women from North Sumatera), but the ulos was the daily clothes—it called Jabit.

Jabit, penutup kepala sehari-hari perempuan dari Sumatera Utara

Jabit, penutup kepala sehari-hari perempuan dari Sumatera Utara. They dancing Tor-tor

The North Sumatera is one of provinces in Sumatera. Most of the people are Batak and Nias tribes. Here, look how they moved, it called Tor-Tor Dance, by put hands like that. All of the women made a movement like that. Based on history the Tor-tor Dance was used in rituals which was connected to spirit. The spirit called and got into the sculptures (that a symbols of ancestors), and made the sculptures moving in a rigid dance. This tor-tor dance used to clean souls. Or some other kindo tor-tor used for inauguration the king. Now tor-tor only use for welcome tourist.

Hey, have you heard anything about Stone Jumping? A tradition from Nias? Well you can click this link.


After the Parade from North Sumatera done, there was a parade from East Kalimantan. Look at those musician. They looked professional with the traditional music instrument. There were Sampe and ketipung (there! Looks like a drum). The way to use the Sampe is by plucked it. It’s identical with Malayu culture. And here we go…, the traditional dance from East Kalimantan.

Musician of Traditional Music Instrument from East Kalimantan

Musician of Traditional Music Instrument from East Kalimantan

It’s called The War Dance. Look how primitive the costumes is.. I dunno why each time I saw anything about Kalimantan, I’ll connecting it with Dayak tribes and remembered the primitive origin of Dayak stories from my grandma who leaved for many years in Kalimantan before moved to Java. She told me everything she saw, what most i remembered a Dayak come to central city Pontianak by flew! And she told me that that Dayak has a tail on his butt. Hmmm.. :/ she said that only real-primitive dayak who still has mystic power and will go down from mountain to the citizen, whenever the citizen made them angry if the citizen annoy their residence.

Parade of East Kalimantan's Culture

Parade of East Kalimantan’s Culture

But most of all, I adore how the tattoos put on the dancer’s body! IT’S VERY ARTISTIC . And I just knew that the tattoos can’t be put randomly. The tattoos describes many things. It’s an achievement the tribes for the ability of someone. For Dayak Kenyah tribe, the much of tattoos describes how many times a person roam or wander.

Origin of Dayak Kenyah Tribe

Origin of Dayak Kenyah Tribe

While I was enjoy taking photos, suddenly my camera surprised me. “CHANGE THE BATTERY PACK!”

Oh.. no… I forgot how I grumbled at Tourism Village. And now, it happen again!

I must find my pocket camera. Yes, my dad brought it in his hand bag. I looked at left-right, then ran avoid the crowded. Wait, is that my sister? Tried to making videos of the dances. I ran ahead to her. I touched her shoulder. “Heii?!” My sister surprised.

“Oh, it’s you, sista!” Then she laughed. “Fuck up of this camera, sist! Look!” I showed my DSLR’s monitor, turned it on, and the text appeared again. She just faked a smile as she watched my expression—continued making videos by our pocket camera. Why, it’s so pity when you have a DSRL Camera, but the situation made you use your pocket camera. Okay, I’m sorry readers, I don’t have enough photos, but I have a lot of videos. Because, there were many more cultural parade from other provinces. There are 33 PROVINCES IN INDONESIA. But I got only three provinces. So if you want more, I recommended this link! (I can’t upload my videos, because my blog isn’t pro). But I’m going to upload to youtube.

The Dancer!

The Dancer!

My parent phoned me, they said it was starting dark, and we’ve had looking around from morning. For conclusion, they asked us (me and my sista) to get back to the car. And I guess they tired. Well, I supposed this parade will continued until night. Huh.. if I were knew it, I would go to Indonesia Mini Park at afternoon. So we wouldn’t be tired.

That’s all from me now, Good bye!


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