Severus Snape, Most Complicated Figure


As you knew, if you are a BIGfan of Harry Potter and J.K Rowling. You must know too about Severus Snape. His character.. bad or good man? A jerk or outstanding? Antagonist or Protagonist? With marvelous magic J.K Rowling drove us to get involved with the story and lost in miss-understanding. Severus Snape, complicated figure, in hard position he must act like he was in Black Side, after-all he just want to show his love, for the Survival Boy, Harry Potter.

Yesterday Wednesday is the day when my English course was felt soo excited. Our chapter theme that time was MOVIES. Yesterday Wednesday is a time for us to presentation as good as we can our favorite movies. From horror to Nonfiction-History. All up to us.

Without think so hard, I chose Harry Potter to present. Because I find that the chronologist story is very mysterious. Full of conspiracy. And each characters was soo strong until we feel quite sure in other dimension from our real-life that: Harry, Ron and Hermione are exist.

However between all characters, my favorite is Severus Snape. He just like a realization of a gentleman figure which was went through a period of life just for denied his past. We can see that Snape was soo very annoyed with Harry. First appeared was in first series::The Sorcerer Stone. He looked like an antagonist with his style full black. Black hair, black science, and black suite. And the way he talked that was soo flat. Although Snape unbelievable tried to protected Harry when Harry joined a Quidditch Tournament from spell of Prof. Quirrel (who unexpectedly was a home-place of Voldemort—excactly behind his head) . Maybe, at the beginning I thought it was just because Snape put an honor to Albus Dumbledore. He was very respect to the headmaster. Because of the Sixth Harry Potter::The Half Blood Prince. Snape was killing Dumbledore while Harry watched under stairs on the tower with Avada-Cadavra.

It was astonishing, very fantastic, while we come to the last part of Harry Potter. The past of Snape made me shocked. And James Potter’s figure that we thought great all along, fall dramatically become a rascal boy in school (but truly, they were all very talented of magic knowledge). There was in fifth Harry Potter series when Snape was teaching Harry to control himself—to not let—YouKnowWho—get into Harry’s mind and possessed him.


Harry felt queasy and desperatesuddenly he used the spell to get into Snape’s teenage memory. Harry’s dad and his gank (Remus Lupin, Sirius Black, and Wormtail) turned out a the gang of rascal boys. And loved to bullied Snape cause of Snape’s freaky and nerdy.

Believe or not? I almost cried in this part. More when I knew the fact that Snape and Lily was a bestfriend while they were so young and still children.

From that I can conclude that, Lily’s characters was kindo heart, and low profile, with inner-beauty. Forget about James Potter, He was just LUCKY ENOUGH to snatch Lily’s heart.

And.. if you want to watch the Important Scenes in Chronologist of Severus Snape, you can enjoy here! 😀


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