I dunno whats going in my mind several last days!! Almost every night i can’t go sleep normally. If i were ready at NINE O’CLOCK. Then.. i can go sleep TWO NEXT HOURS.. That’s mean my trying to be discipline didn’t run well. Almost every night i stayed the night! (ZEDD SONG, HUH?) In the sunday morning i sat on a bench with my younger sister jut for watching people walked passed in front of our house. As usually i can’t stand just sat and watch. I can be very bored however the fresh air morning was soo made me comfort and feel health, i must do something. So, i try to draw my face. MY DAILY FACE.. OH COME ON, HOW CAN A BOY INTEREST WITH ME?! _- #damnitstrue


4 thoughts on “ME and MY SLEEPY FACE

    • yasminshabrina says:

      Thank you for your concern.. perhaps i must try to relax my mind to get beauty rest :3 I just too much thinking everyday! XD

      • You’re welcome, my friend!

        At times, don’t stress yourself by over-thinking…everything happens for a reason so just save your energy in finding those reasons behind…hehe..

        Take care and Cheers!! πŸ˜€

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