Emily.. Oh, Emily..


Okay.. i think im going crazy. Yesterday i heard that song all day  long! And my thought drove my hand to drew a sketch about Emily.. I don’t really know what the song is about. But based on my conjecture, i think is a bout how you must Live your Life. I interested how Mika puts the sentence in french :Pourquoi tu gâches ta vie? That’s mean: Why do you waste your life?

I found in a website the translate from Elle me dit to english language. And the Elle me dit doesn’t refer to “Emily”, that for first time i heard it was sooo familiar. Emily is different song with Elle me dit. With a little bit same lyric but the tittle change to a girl name. Elle me dit in english is: She told me.

But bitch please, i’m going to discuss the english version. i don’t have any idea about FRENCH!! >0<

My little mind flying through the sky and imagine What’s Emily’s face look like? IF she is a real figure. I try to live up this character.. a french girl with smoky face but pretty enough. A skinny girl live her life in a balloon. Lock her self up in the room. We can say… such a broken home. SO, there you can read on my sketch the lyric.. Mika lends his hand to Emily and ask to dance.

The most stunning part of lyric was… “Whats you smoking? Whats the stance?” and “Get a boy and learn to dance.. be a girl like any other..” That’s mean Emily almost loss her exciting young life. I hope my sketch can satisfied you all.. However maybe it’s not appropriate your imagination. I want-IF I MAKE A COMIC-to dress Emily with clothes style like a street artist with a peaked cap and wavy hair and a little bit tangled hair. And of course thin face and flat-chested. UPS hahaha! x))

here you can hear the full song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5lGeuaPT_gE


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