What is The Best in Me?!

Suddenly i felt envy and jealous.

No-it’s nothing connecting about love. of course its about my dream. My ambition. My goal. Okay, perhaps its a little bit about love.

I felt jealous with someone. no not a girl~! i felt jealous with a boy that iv’e ever fell in love with him and somehow he drove me to wrong direction. And now on, the amazement of him has change to jealousy.

I hate each time i heard his luckly fate. Good fate. Okay, to the point i’ll let you know. He just a years old above me. he is a student in a music school. He loved to play guitar and dance like Michael Jackson. He understand about politic,  philosophic book. He used to read Malory Tower books. and almost all such a heavy book he loved to read. (From Dan Brown to Enid Blyton).

and, i just never met such a pretty clever boy like him. Then i got fell in love. simplistic reason, huh? Then a year passed. I never meet him anymore. suddenly my mom told me. That boy just participated into writing workshop with famous writer/author.

ok, this boy is too perfect for me. his lifestyle is too high for me. A year passed and with many way i was trying to reach my life one line with him, when suddenly i knew a fact about him. He has been making relationship with a japanese girl. (Long distance relationship). And therefore my heart was broken.

His dad is a famous figure. You can say “specialist of education”. Then in social media. This great father show trough socmed about the writing workshop. This boy stand between several great specialist.

From photographer to doctor . He is the youngest one. And guess wat my mum said?

“Hey, unbelievable the sons of Mr. **** (just called Mr. Boby) just enjoyed the writin workshop.”

Huh? What does she mean told me anyway? Oh no! She might be know already about my feeling with that boy!\(X_x)/

“Uh.. which one ? Mr, Boby has many children!”

“The second child. You’ve met him didn’t you?”

“Yea, WE MET..”

“His age same with you, isn’t he?”

ENOUGH STOP! Which one is talent that he actually deep in? ACTUALLY WHICH ONE?! The famous writer praised too much. “Mr. Boby.., your son was amazing. He is a clever boy. And each of his question is very brave and critical. ”

Ill show you, boy! I can be more than you! Hey what’s my problem? LISTEN! Youre not the only one who as talent and skill. But WHY just you can found the right place to learn . The right master to study with.

That’s tease question flying around and around my brain. One more.

I heard about a girl in elementary school age. She loved to draw. She is crazy about architecture. Then her parent brought her to a teacher or master for teaching her.

This master asked her to draw for him Many kinds of architecture of building. Elementary school! JERK! Don’t you heard that? Too luck, too fine, too well! In her age i was confusionly thought what can i do? What is the best in me? But, she?! She study to a right place right master. I was SOO ENVY.

Wat can i say?

There’s nothing i do better than improvement >:O


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