A Good Teacher Learn from Student

teacher-mean-640x480Thus , when there is an injustice , it is usual is not it? The world is not fair , right? Even a teenager should practice to be unfair-judgmental later started working for the world of trivial organization in school , junior high ! EVEN , little boy in kindergarten must have felt . And often not far from the world that dominate them , school – teacher – friend .


I have a story , about a teenager 14th . He was recently elected as chairman of the student council at his school which he loved . He is also handsome , tall , loved by many women and clever almost in edverything lesson . Sports and academic . Except maybe the arts . He was very weak in drawing , making crafts and so on . But he is quite reliable in journalism . That’s why he went into extracurricular journalism . ALTHOUGH actually at first he chose computer skills , only because he does not qualify then he throw out to Journalism . that we call too often the press .

Since before becoming chairman of the council he was already a member of the Press . Once up at second grade , he became chairman . Start of the leader in extracurricular. Until every event , he always chosen to be the leader of his friends . as the part of documentation, again and again he chosen by the teacher . Although many moment teased, it’s because the teacher or the responsible person of the extracurricular still amateur , this young teenager still survive . Because he started fall in love with journalism . He bought a Canon DSLR camera to explore photographic techniques . And indeed , he had dreamt all along to become a photographer , despite at first he chose the computer skill somehow , perhaps because he looked upwards – from the father who is very good at computing plus served as chairman of IT at a famous hospital .

Thus , when there is an injustice , it is usual is not it? The world is not fair , right? Even a teenager should practice to be unfair-judgmental later started working for the world of trivial organization in school , junior high ! EVEN , little boy in kindergarten must have felt . And often not far from the world that dominate them , school – teacher – friend .

short story it has sought the young child as much as possible for the benefit of all the press . He asked by the teacher to make the school magazine content that it plans to be published as soon as possible ( for the first time the school is finally published magazine . Well approximately 5 forces after graduation ) . And he made as he racked his brains . Thin sort of proposal he has made . Submitted to the teacher . Unexpectedly, suddenly that magazine has been circulated to the entire school , and the content is useless at all . He opened and read and read the magazine , apparently the teacher uses the concept itself . So where the proposal he had made? – after all , hey , who initially asked the teacher right ? This kid thinks he and members and friends who will put them together . Apparently these teachers have more confidence when done it alone . Its okay .. may be deemed to be junior . But teres little bit sense of disappointment , he had little hope at least the teacher would have coordinate to him .But the reality he is not involved at all.

Okey , fortunately , the photographs that he took that the quality is improve and increase day by day – always requested data / photos as a JPEG file by the teacher . His confidence bounced back . It turns out that the teacher still has a sense of appreciation. One time , he could not bring a net -book for extracurricular . Because all along the time he always borrowed a net -books sister , ( he has not got a netbook ) . Netbooks keyboard has damaged , then automatically he could not wear it . Want begging like anything too , brother do not understand , “No I do not mean to not let you. but it’s keyboard is still broken .. ! arrgh ! ” oke, continued .
Lately, these boys always borrow a friend’s net -book members of the press , his name **** , not important . Anyway his friend is seventh grade junior. ( he was class second rade) , nothing is always done in the juniors netbook , they discussed together in the room where the press extracurricular held in ,the only one auditorium room. besides the two of them, there are only two other boys . The remaining nearly 14 girls. Later the teacher finally protested .

“How can you work use the netbook of junior . Didn’t you have one ? the Netbook you used to carry it where is it now ? ”

” Want me to take it or not isn’t really important huh? The important is I still work on it ? all tis time I have borrowed my sisters netbook . And nowadays the keyboard is broken. So i can not be using that . besides if now I bring it, isn’t useless?

Only the teacher was silent . And extracurricular continues … well this one is a bit poor in quality . In addition to the extracurricular teacher he also Islamic religion teachers in schools .Once upon a time a team of assessors from minister of education came to visit . From the investigator . Last year they also came complete with a civil servants uniform attached to the body , checked one by one, door by door of the room is being used for teaching and learning activities . And OWOW .. , they entered without a knock on the door , you might accidentally let find weaknesses of the school teaching . so was it such a task team ? finding fault – hey the sentence was not negative , right ? investigation team , there should be nothing can escape.

Well one day the door of auditorium and classroom extracurricular Press opened –that the extracurricular was somewhat chaotic . And the teacher busy with himself enjoyed surf the Internet using a laptop that always he carry on , tuned song , and indeed, since the beginning of the class has not started any lessons . After all , it didn’t much matter for PRESS, perhaps . That many project , which happens often the student seem preoccupied busy with themself with laptops for each task the student council activity reports , interviews with teachers new school -related programs , web -sites content updates school , and installment for the preparation of the magazine . Is that sounds cool huh ? Unfortunately, reality is not so .

Because the teachers believe blindly and did all his own . Children are have lot of free time , and the children get bored because it was a waste of time , unless one knows how to take advantage of the last hour of the school , no wi-fi , laptop ac room . Frequently abused by teenagers are more naughty – Whether playing online games or just surfing the socmed .

The door knocked , the teacher immediately jumped out of his seat and pretend to explain something on a blank blackboard . With his back to the entrance position , he managed to cover most of the blackboard . Only after all the team of assessors looked , do not get into the palace . Investigation is completed . The door is closed . The teacher return to his seat and surfing the internet . without giving any lesson. Whata queasy pretense!


Long …. Intermittent . Quite a long long time to the point that the boys began to forget the silly incident of the teacher. Actually it was quite humorous when teachers from the children’s story of how he taught . And most dying exist among other teachers . Talking to students already just like talk with his same age friend . Iyap it was still based on a true story that his sister had just finished the school . but his sister was apparently somewhat less critical like that kind of teacher .

” TEACHER’S JOB IS EDUCATE STUDENTS , teach some manners . How can educate and teach if himself does not know the boundaries . Teachers like him can change the concept of teacher educators become entertainers . Sort of commercial industry and if students not satisfied , a teacher could sue for the boss . if the teacher firm , stern , just say to the parents . Parents who spoil their children would want to bother demanding . That kind of Teachers don’t deserve TO TEACH , especially TEACH ISLAM . After all, he is not respected by his students , not respected . See the way he spoke to the students , if the extent of slang does not matter . But it still has authority . Unfortunately , he seems to be happy even to be joke material for students because of his geeky behavior that made-up . ”

” AH OLD SISTER ! What’s wrong with talking with students such as talk with your same aged friends . Doesn’t it even tighten the relationship between teacher and student ? So unlike the ancient relic and katrok . Student learn to be more comfortable , right? ”

” You do not remember the teacher was always promoting himself as a boy scout . I’M REAL LIFE SCOUT, said him . It turns out that when there is outbound at the waterfall when we first streets . He did not participate because of fear of flying fox . And remember the time farewell party of my generation ? ! He was the only man teacher who can not swim ! And remember the boys taunted him? Made him the butt material . Whooy .. they said “a boy scout ?!” You are Too much Style!

“You?! You?! Since when a student dared to talk to teachers you without slapped after that ? Another Indonesian culture with the culture of the Americans are calling an older person can Just use the name .
Long after that, finally some terribly moment opened the guise of the teacher . One morning the boy had just come into the room extracurricular , and straightforwardly with frontal religion teacher said . Thrusting his laptop screen and slide photographs emerge shots by the boy during a school bazaar event held a few weeks ago

” ( Calling the boy’s name ) ! ! How can you so sucks?? Why do all the picture are so bad and ugly? No picture good ?” The boy was unbelievable shock . He thought it might be his teacher Just kidding . Apparently not . ” This again contrived use of black and white ! why did you convert those into black and white ? ” Why the teacher could call ugly . As long as he can remember, the teacher does not have any expertise in photography . Can the value of which is he?

” Hah ? Which one you called the hell ugly , sir ? Try let me see ! ” The boy was so impolite out as well , grabbed the laptop . ” Alas , i do not want to use your pictures again . Ugly all . Just a few are good . already ( boy ‘s name ) , other times I wont use you again for any event . To Create documentation I don’t need you anymore , ” the teacher ‘s face which usually looks geeky suddenly it turned one hundred eighty degrees to be so annoying , a wry , and serious face . expectation of the boy was the teacher still jokes – vanished . This is serious . And the worth part is, the teacher never give explanation which one is the bad picture, and how can he fix it. SOO CHILDISH. ‘ I came out of this extracurricular! ” He got up and strode out of the auditorium , and run to the basketball court to join the kids extracurricular basketball . He is absurdly frustrating .

Gosh what he has been fighting for proved futile ? ! Why ? ! What’s wrong this time ? What personal vendetta ? No. .. last time he remembered he had trouble with a female teacher . Who always thinks he sucks . To Until his sister intervene with his trouble cause of she felt furious .

“THOSE TEACHERS TOO SUBJECTIVE ASSESSMENT OF THE CHILDREN ! ” Even until the tears drip – boy also make natural it may be because the older sister , feeling more sensitive . While the boy was like a cold that kept forged iron . He really often made a mistake to that female teacher , you know … he is often denied , often because the teacher insight narrow . On the map , for example , the teacher was convinced no one world atlas published in a full sheet . What a outdated person . Grumbled the boy . he hastens argued and said he had a world atlas book in his house, and in one there is one full page already extend to the world . Like the globe – who has been flayed from the elliptical shape into a flat on a sheet of A3 paper . But the teacher did not believe , as well she hide away her shame.
As a result … , the teacher ‘s just say “Can I see your atlas anyway ? ”


” Well .. I do not bring it today Mam . There is at my home , ”

” Well I see.. if the truly you don’t have it, you don’t have to said it! Your habit, knowledgeably arguing teacher is very bad habit, you know?”
His sister so furious right . Surprisingly even the sister who cries when no one had anything to do with him personally . Now never mind, forget all . All was forgiven . Said his sister who is now wiser after graduation . She realizes every teacher must have been fighting for their disposal. Including knowledge . Unfortunately may not be accompanied by humility . High ego . That’s it . Plus at our age we was on the rise lust to rebellion , against and denied . And all that sort of thing is considered cool . But that does not mean the teachers only have bad side.

There is definitely a better side of themselves . Only when we experience it , emotions bubbling creates resentment . ” What are you doing SISTER forbid me to hate ? ! You too, sister still often pry sister’s teacher’s fault . Moreover, teachers themselves also revenge . After the incident the atlas there is only fault in me in her eyes , ”

” Hush ! I also still a teenager , sometimes joins provoked emotions by your story . So yeah .. , so do not get tired of reminding . Just say Istighfar .. after all, we got so much knowledge from them”

“I think I want to say to the extracurricular teachers , sist ! I PAY TO STUDY HERE ! THIS SCHOOL IS NOT FREE ! MY PARENTS FOR ME TO LEARN FROM YOU! NOT TO DROPPED MY MENTAL!”

” Who knows the teacher later apologized , then surely you are aware of yourself .. or you can get a consultation from your headmaster. BUT ONE THING IS SURE , than that you should be getting round your resolve ! Prove to that teacher , LATER WHEN YOU WILL BE A PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER . BE SURE! There is the wisdom of all the events of life . Just do not make the revenge as the foundation of your dreams . Later it turns hard when you achieve it, you will be frustrated again and again , because it was not proved to the teacher . ”

That boy looked thoughtfully . Then the his eyes sparkling . His passion has returned . His sister smiled wisely , and heaved a sigh of relief . “Sis … ”

” Yes ? ”

” I’ve got an idea, I can just made lived every student council’s event, I’ll direct the coordinating council members of the press . No need to ask his permission. or ! I can make it better to not complicated everything, I WONT USE PRESS AT ALL! WHUAHAHAHAHH !!! Besides the members of the press are trashes from many other extracurricular ! HAHAHAHAH ”

“OUCH.., ” his sister’s slapped her forehead as she grumbled of knowing that her brother still doesn’t understand. Although she agreed quietly with her brother’s wild idea . : p



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