Transjakarta Bus Stucked on Busway Track

IMG_9455Today, i just arrived from Pasar Senen:: i went with my relative who came from Kebumen, and had sleep over for three days at my home. We went to drop they off at the train station. Those relatives are my uncles and my grandpa (their father of course). I called him Mbah Sugeng,Uncle Iit, and Uncle Galang. We take them to Pasar Senen Station (which is remember me to Misbah Yusach Biran’s book, the title is “The Miracle of Pasar Senen”)

And you know? There was so much interest thing that happened during the trip. The phenomenon of busway  track which is not functional anymore.

We–> i, my brothers, Fatan and Fatih, My Grandma (Mbah Sugeng’s sista) and The driver is My Belove Grandpa, Akung. We road along the way exactly right side of the busway track that was full of public transportation line (Angkot/Mikrolet). Between them, the transjakarta bus looked halting to move on. IT STUCKED! And maybe if it has expression, it might was looked upset too! And the bus driver cant protested  anyway. There was NO POLICE AT ALL. And.., while we still discussed about the busway track, suddenly Akung turned into the BUSWAY TRACK! OMG!!! Oh well.., what  else we can do? except stood up around the traffic jam. THE TRAFFIC JAM made me broke the rules. PLUS we did’t  buy the ticket yet. Right at the moment, it was 11:00 p.m, the weather was so shiny and blazing at the area around Kampung Melayu.

Fatan took a photos hurriedly to proof that we broke the traffic rule. Besides, in front of us there was a car with a red car plate. yeah if you know what i mean, is that mean OFFICIAL CAR?! Just exactly what i though, when we exit from the busway track, there was a man with police uniform stood up around the traffic. “PRIIIT! PRIIITT!” strange…, no cars that he detained.

“WOW! I can only imagine. the fine of drove on the busway track is reach to ONE MILLION rupiahs, We were lucky!” Uncle Iit scream so happily and felt amazing. So i just realized that this was his first time visiting Jakarta. Clearly, perhaps it was because the police saw the red plate car. Haha, if we had detained by the police, Akung would have said “I just followed my boss,” phew, besides akung is a colonel, huh?


Arrived at the station of Pasar Senen. Mbah Sugeng quickly went to checked out of the ticket buyer line. He planned to get ticket of departure at 01:00 p.m. I, Fatan, Uti-Akung and Fatih went to station’s Sevel. wow, the place looked dirty and a little dull. Not like the Sevel around the elite areas such as Menteng or Tebet. Hm.. maybe it’s cause of it only use for stop by from many people, various background. Uti forgot to bought souvenir or gift for Mbah Sugeng, so finally she decided to buy all of the donuts which was sold at the sevel. She almost confused to conclude what is the typical food from Jakarta. Right when we met Mbah Sugeng who just came from survey, he said, “The departure at noon had full. The line was closed. There is only departure at maghrib,”

okay, is it mean we will go back home and return here at afternoon? “No, Mbah Sugeng and his two sons will stay at station, it will take more time if we back and forth . Dont forget the traffic jam! They’ll might be late too, plus, Akung wasn’t healthy enough,” Ok, along we wait Uncles bought the tickets, we took a walk around the station. Fatih looked excited each time he saw the train passed. So pity, we didn’t have any permission to sit on the bench of platform. The platform was just for the passenger who already kept the tickets.

so, unfortunately Uncle Iit started a conversation with me. I heard from the discussion all of his rating about me and my family. I was try to not laugh! XD

“Fatih is a hyperactive boy. Azka is a quite girl and look a little grumpy. Fatan is a quite boy,, hhmm.. i guess he follow his dad, Mas Jamil is a quite person too, i think..,” HUH?!! Didn’t i heard wrong? NO I DIDN’T WRONG IF I HEARD THAT HE CALLED MY DAD AS A QUITE PERSON!! wkwkwkwk… Well, that was my first time heard such a opinion. My Dad actually a TALKATIVE ONE in my family. And that statement made me confuse..

Why? Why he can thought if my dad is a quite person? Oh yes, i remember know! maybe it was because when he arrived to slept over at our home, My Dad was sick so much, he felt headache and queasy. Thats the reason why my dad became a quite person. Hihihhihi :3 but, i didnt tell Uncle anything about that. I let him to realized later. 😛



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